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Some of the finest designs in racing yachts have the name Pleione, [41] [42] and the recent Shanghai Oriental Art Center draws its inspiration from an orchid. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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The location of the Pleiades circled in the constellation Taurus. Main article: Pleione mythology. Retrieved VizieR 5th Revised ed. Astronomy and Astrophysics Supplement Series. Astronomy and Astrophysics. University of Illinois. Kaler acknowledges a distance of ly to Pleione, an estimate that is likely derived from the Hipparcos Catalogue published in Any significant change in astrometric calculations could impact other calculations referenced in this article. Retrieved 22 May Retrieved 28 July Catch a Star European Southern Observatory. Don't miss a stunning sight around 9 P. Astronomical Journal.

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A straightforward summary of the different methods used by astronomers to measure stellar distances. Astronomy and Astrophysics Letters. Hubblesite Newscenter. European Space Agency. Popular Astronomy. Bibcode : PA Hot and Active Stars Research. Bad Astronomy.

How to Find the Perfect Fragrance, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. Bibcode : PASP.. Shelyak Instruments. Archived from the original on Lehigh University. Bright Star Catalogue, 5th Revised Ed. There are two types of people. For those who fall into the latter group stars are no more than random fragments of the universe, suspended somewhere out there beyond our atmosphere which occasionally look nice at night. For those in the former group the stars can be looked to for support and guidance, where even science and reason fail us.

The notion that aspects of your character and the path that your life will take are, in some way, a predetermined astrological fate is either laughable or oddly appealing.

Decoding Your Birth Chart

I obsessively read my horoscope but keep it on the down low and have multiple pink Himalayan salt crystal candles in my living room. Inevitably, the chat soon turned to Brexit and the absurd levels of political uncertainty not only in our country, but the world over right now - we live in turbulent times. As we drunkenly chewed the fat one friend, our incredibly Zen pal who actually meditates instead of sitting with her eyes shut and pretending, offered up a theory. When I got home that evening I googled Age of Aquarius, but all I could find was that is is referenced in Hair , the musical.

Horoscopes - The Himalayan Times

So, I decided to consult a professional astrologer Fiona Graham to find out what the Age of Aquarius is and whether it can clear a few things up for us. Fiona explains that astrology is more than star signs. Instantly I feel soothed. This describes how the equinoctial point gradually slips backwards against the backdrop of the Astrological Signs of the Zodiac. It takes 25, years to move through all 12 signs and this cycle is known as The Great Year.

Alcoholic beverages have a place in perfumery—gin, for example, which is based on juniper. A Neptunian perfume or oil is one you might wear to bed or during your meditation practice. Oceanic notes also belong to Neptune, like the ones we described above.

Beauty-Loving Venus in Earthy Virgo

Coven by Andrea Maack like a wood cabin covered by damp moss, fairies, and sex. Blondine by Frassai : dreamy, playful, and abstract.

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Rehab by Initio Parfums : tobacco and a boozy, late-night smell. Bruma by Cire Trudon : dreamy, fluffy iris, with violet and lipstick notes. Pluto is the modern planetary ruler of Scorpio, a sign associated with transformation, death and rebirth, and the season of falling leaves in the northern hemisphere. Flowers smell the strongest as they wither. Metal rarely smells because it takes a long time to decay, but old coins that have been used do.

As the planet of death and rebirth, Pluto is associated with passion and obsession. De Profundis by Serge Lutens : a gorgeous and haunting scent based on an accord of funeral flowers and ash. Moth by Zoologist : a rich, dark, spicy and smoky fragrance. I Am Trash by Etat Libre d'Orange made from the smells of discarded objects like wood chips and fruit peels. Stercus by Orto Parisi : indolic, dirty jasmine—even slightly fecal—but actually gorgeous.